Victoria Dubin Events is an event-planning and design firm. Our one-of-a-kind events are a study in perfection infused with imagination, style, elegance, and sophistication. Our experienced team are committed to taking our clients visions and turn them into reality. From the initial concept to the final product we are constantly looking for innovative ideas to surprise and delight. It is of utmost importance to us that each event reflect its own style and personality. We feel every moment of the party is a part of the whole thus we pay attention to every detail. From the moment the guests arrive until the last goodbye they shall be part of an environment that is meaningful, enjoyable and unforgettable. On behalf of myself and my team, we look forward to hearing from you.


Where Do We Begin?
Initially the process of planning your special celebration can seem overwhelming. Clients often ask us where do we begin, what are the first steps, what is the timeline when things need to be done? Our job is to reassure our clients that we will manage the process, help them with all aspects of the planning and make sure all is perfect for their big day. We will work off a schedule that allows ample time to evaluate and make the necessary decisions to assure all is in place timely. Our goal is to have our clients relaxed and at ease the weeks prior to their event. Below please find a summary of some of the services we provide. Please realize each event is individualized and no two clients' needs are the same. This list is simply a guideline and can be used as much or as little as our client's desire.

Venue Selection
We assist our clients in finding a desirable venue for their celebration. We take into account the size of their party, the location, the amenities of the venue and the availability. We help compile a list of places to visit and accompany our clients on site to properly evaluate their options. Many clients have a location they love prior to engaging our services and we then work closely with that venue to assure all runs smoothly and our client's wishes are fulfilled. We also work closely with tenting companies for those who wish to entertain at their homes or elsewhere where a tent would be needed.

Catering and Menu Selection
All our clients want to make sure their guests are "wined and dined" and are served beautifully at their event. We work carefully and systematically with the venues in-house catering departments as well as outside caterers who will be very attentive to the individual tastes and desires of our clients. We want all our clients' guests to be surprised and delighted with delicious food, creative presentation and impeccable service. As the process of the planning evolves a great deal of time will be spent making sure this part of the celebration is given utmost importance and attention.

We have wonderful relationships with various entertainment companies whose talents range the gamut. Whether our clients want a live band, DJ Company with an MC and dancers, comedians, mentalists, other specialty talent, games or activities we have access to all and are happy to make those introductions. Once talent is hired we manage the process to make sure our client's wishes and desires are fulfilled. This is a very closely monitored relationship as the entertainment is of paramount importance to the success of the event and the enjoyment of all the guests.

Photography, Videography and Montages
Most of our clients want to capture their celebrations with beautiful and meaningful photography. We work with many enormously talented photographers and each have their own style and sensibility to their approach. We help our clients understand what their options are and set up meetings for clients with those photographers so they can become more familiar with their work. Another feature our clients include at their parties is montage presentations. These are short videos shown at a designated time of the event in which family photos, past video and possibly current footage are compiled and presented to tell a short story at the party. They are a way for clients to share history and give a personal glimpse into the honoree of the celebration. We have great contacts for our clients of truly creative individuals in the industry who can help put together a terrific montage to present to their guests.

Décor and Lighting
The design of our parties is really what excites us. We love the journey of creating something unique and special for our clients. We feel the décor of our events should be a reflection of our clients taste, personality and wishes. Our job is to take their vision and make it a reality. We explore all avenues to come up with unique and creative ways to "wow" guests and to transform each venue into the dreams of our clients. When looking through our portfolio you will have a chance to see the creative approach we take to make sure no two events are the same and each party reflects individuality and distinctiveness. Flowers, candles, linens, table settings, specialty china, lounge furniture, stationary, dance floors, staging, and lighting are only some of the elements we pay special detail to. Whatever we need to make the party fabulous we make sure we pay attention to and incorporate all.

Stationary/Printed Pieces and Calligraphy
Whether it be a "save the date card", invitation, escort card, menu card, hang tag for a favor or any other printed item we are very involved in helping our clients create something incredibly special to compliment all else they are doing at their event. We think the invitation sets the tone of what is to come and we designate much time to this process. We are happy to show our clients all their options, create monograms, logos or taglines that personalize and individualize. We also can arrange for calligraphy if desired to finish off the presentation. Our invitation contacts are varied based on what our client are looking for and we feel certain that these components of the party should be given as much attention as every other detail. This is one of our favorite parts of the planning process.

Other Weekend Events and Celebrations
We are delighted to assist our clients in their related celebrations for the weekend including Friday Night Dinners, Saturday Luncheons, Sunday Brunches and any other event they wish to incorporate. We will assist in finding accommodations for out of town guests, and provide welcome gifts, favors and other details for those guests traveling to be a part of the celebration.

The Ever So Important Miscellaneous Details
While planning our celebrations no detail is too small to be unnoticed. We love those fun, small, yet very important details of the event. Some of the items we pay special attention to are the accessories to the party. These could be personalized beverage napkins and guest towels, specialty cocktail trays, photo favors and disposable cameras, custom table numbers, sign in boards or books, restrooms amenities, favors galore, candy, and the Celebration Cake that will personalize the party and coordinates with the décor and theme of the event. Of course the cake will be delicious too as we have fabulous bakeries we work with that are happy to let our clients come in to indulge and taste their creations.

The Timeline Day of
We will create a timeline for the event to make sure all knows what they are doing at all times. We create a load in schedule the day of the event to assure all vendors arrive timely and set up and breakdown are detailed to the minute so that all goes meticulously. Once the event gets started our staff will assure everything goes as planned. We will be closely watching the flow of the event and will keep a strict timeline to make sure all that is planned is implemented to perfection. It is essential that our clients are guests at their own event and our job is to make sure that dreams come true. We look forward to being a part of this special day.